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Hello Villager Crafters,

It's time to announce the winners of the poll!! Thank you to everyone who applied and took part in the appeals. The final poll was really close!!

Congrats to  O_Plazma_O and RedFire__

12 Aug 2017, 21:02 0 | 1

Hello Villagers,

1.12 UPDATE IS HERE! You can now use them super cool terracotta blocks in the Towny Realm!  ;) 

Activities Realm is now just the Lobby to hold players while server reloads. I have decided to close skywars and creative mode plots building due to lack of interest. This means we will focus more resources in the towny realm! 

Guess what!! The world has been expanded! 

New Changes:
- New Random TP - (MORE RANDOM)
- Tree Chop - Improvements. 
- Easy links - /website /links
- Weather change - Less rain!
- Plugins Updated for 1.12
- World Expansion. 
- More little updates for later :) 

Known broken commands/plugins:
- /mail - Use /email for now.
- Colour Tags
- There might be some more little commands. All major important features are working! 


09 Aug 2017, 02:49 0 | 2

Hello Village Crafters,

It's time for me to talk about the new changes to creative mode.

Creative Mode has always been one of the most popular features in the Towny Realm. It gives premium ranks the ability to contribute more to the server with faster town building and access to every single block in the game! 

These changes are huge! I know that some of you will be against these moves. It's a subject that will be very difficult, but let me explain further....

21st August 2017 - EVERY Premium Rank will be migrated over to their new corresponding rank.

Guardian -> Hero
Elite -> Ultra
Legend -> Titan


Visit /warp Upgrades

CREATIVE MODE IS NOT GONE! Towards the end of August, we will publish information on how to become a "Community Builder".

Community Builders - Will be very select players that reach a certain requirement.  Players will be rewarded with the power to become creative mode. This will include

Town Mayors that have required a high amount of residents, activity, community Involvement and more. 

Best of all, anyone will be able to apply for this role! It won't matter what rank you are. If you match our requirements and have worked hard on our server, we will reward you!

Requirements list (More details coming later in August):
This is not complete.
- Town Mayor or Town Assistant.
- The town must have a set required amount of residents. 
- You must be active.
- A clear punishment record - We will take this into consideration. 


Why are you punishing us, we have paid for these powers!!!??
I am not punishing our premium users! A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SUPPORTED THE SERVER! This has been so hard for me to push these new ideas and has taken me a very long time to plan out how we go around doing this. I always listen to the community! The community is the very heart of the Village Craft Network, and it always will be! 

Is this because of Mojang's new EULA rules?
Of course! We want to be compliant to follow their rules, and this is the best time do that. For short they're not happy with "Pay2Win" style servers, and this is why I'm changing the foundations of how the server works. Mostly because I feel the new experience will promote a fair and equal gameplay for all of our users. Sometimes things get boring for those in creative so working hard for items brings back the classic and fun back into the Towny Realm experience. Currently keeping Legends with creative mode/fly is still unfair for those who have just upgraded. The reason for the delay is to make sure word gets to all of our players than the sudden change. 

Will I ever be able to /fly?
I have been asked this question many times! Villagers and premium ranks will not have powerful game changing commands like /fly.  We will however soon reward players special commands like /Fly for the number of times voted. More soon on this! This way everyone will have access to these commands. 

We do state on our T&C that we reserve the right to change contents for a valid server-balancing reason.  This is not because we hate any of you!! All your voice are heard, and we SO want to keep things right! You are always welcome to contact me if you have any concerns. Remember this is not the end at all to creative mode!

Of course, you can! No matter if you are a Guest Rank or Titan Rank you will all have a chance. I am going to publish specifics on this when the time comes. If you work hard and meet the requirements, we will reward you! It won't be easy, but who doesn't like a challenge!? 

What do people mean by VC9?
VC Means "Village Craft" and the number means the number map we're on. Currently, we're on VC8.

When is VC9 going to happen?
I keep getting asked regarding VC9! I hate map resets! With World Border, we have control to keep the map a good size. We will be expanding the border over time giving players more room and fresh space for Town building.  LONG LIVE VC8! We may change the design of spawn. 

Where is 1.12?
It's coming! With the all new changes to ranks, we have put this 2nd on the to do list. Don't worry once we have the ranking all sorted we will begin to update!! This has also given us time to wait for our server features to be updated to 1.12.

Suggestions and Feedback

If you have a suggestion or noticed something is wrong, please suggest it to us! We want to make sure all our players are having a great time while playing Minecraft with us. 
Leave your suggestion here: Click Me...


21 Jul 2017, 13:07 0 | 6

Hello Village Crafters, 

It's time that we open the Summer Appeals!

It's now your chance appeal for MiniMod!

View the forum thread here:  Click Me...


16 Jul 2017, 10:20 0 | 3

Hello Village Crafters,

Today I launch Titan, Ultra and Hero premium ranks. 

These ranks bring newly balanced gameplay experience. We have removed many gameplay advantage commands such as creative mode and flying mode. 

Towny Realm is moving towards are new survival based experience where gameplay will be the exact same from new guests to premium players. 

Legend/Elite/Guardian kits are now disabled. We have made a new kit called "everyone" which is for all players! There is also another new Kit called "Food" which is for everyone! To get rare items use the crates which everyone can use! 

To buy a new rank visit the following link: Click me...

Rank Cave: Free Upgrades to Existing Premium Rank Owners!

Currently, it is down to each player to decide if they want to upgrade. However, we strongly suggest you upgrade to get access to the latest permissions and features!

Legend -> Titan
Elite -> Ultra
Guardian -> Hero

Players can upgrade their premium ranks at /warp Upgrades

  • Commands like /kits /game modes and /fly are now disabled
  • You won't have the same permissions. 
  • You can not get your old rank back once upgraded. 
Make sure to read all the signs before upgrading! Please check the shop items to view the new commands.

Paint on a frame!

[NEW] Brand new feature! - Titan RANK REQUIRED! 

You will be able to buy an Easel + Canvas at the /warp Gallery

Use these canvas paintings to make your own decoration/paintings. 

The Louvre  - Art Gallery

We will feature some of the best artwork in this Gallery located at /warp Gallery

You will be able to buy an Easel and more Canvases here! These items need to be placed in your home for them to work.

06 Jul 2017, 16:40 0 | 5