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Hello Village Crafters,

Minecraft has gone live with 1.12!! 

Yay! :D 

Due to server plugins needing to be updated we will have to wait a little while for 1.12.


When will VCN update to 1.12?
We will update once we have prepared server plugins. Please be aware that some gameplay features may have to be removed/replaced for the first few weeks/months of updating to 1.12. There is no official date yet, however, we will update! Please keep checking this site for the latest news.

Will the map be reset and VC9 introduced into the Towny Realm?
NOPE! We do NOT want to reset the map for 1.12 at all. Your towns/homes are safe! ZERO PLANS FOR VC9!

I can log in with 1.12 but can't use new items/blocks?
We will allow players to log in with 1.12 but due to the realms not officially running 1.12 you can not use these new items/blocks yet.


09 Jun 2017, 09:14 0 | 2
Hello Village Crafters,

I can now confirm we have a way for Buying and Selling through a super simple GUI.

Being in creative mode you will not be allowed to buy or sell items. This is to protect the server economy from using spawned in blocks and selling them.

More items to be added to the GUI shop!

/Shop - Opens the menu to BUY items.
/Sell - Drag and drop sellable items and you will receive in-game money for that loot. You can view the sellable items in the Shop menu.

How to Buy:
When the menu is open click on the items you want!

How to sell:
Shift-click items into the Menu and the server will calculate the rest.


31 May 2017, 18:31 0 | 3

Hello Village Crafters,

We Need New Team Leaders!

Current faction team leaders needed: Optic, Vortex, Nova

Please note: When becoming a team leader you will be given a temporary team leader rank. This time the rank will have the same power as Legend, but this is subject to change in the future.

What are faction team leaders? 

Faction team leaders are the individuals selected in order to represent their faction as a whole. These faction leaders are given permission to lead their faction. Their role is to make their faction the best and strongest faction on the server! 


What do faction team leaders do?

Team leaders are responsible for organizing group events for their factions, building bases, and claiming land for their faction. These leaders will be recognized by their faction as the leader. Team leaders will promote friendly challenges to other factions, promote teamwork, and truly represent the faction. 


How long are you team leader for?

The staff team will have planned events for the election of faction team leaders. Depending on the leaders, the appeals may be sooner or later. For example, if a team leader is removed for breaking the rules, we may open up new appeals or select a runner-up from the last appeals; that is, if they would still like to be the faction team leader.


Is this a staff rank?

This is NOT a staff rank. You can apply for staff in the future, just like any other player. However, if you are elected as a faction team leader and you do well, it may help your chances to become a staff member on the Village Craft Network.



This is a voluntary role; it is completely optional. At any time, the staff team can remove you from the position of faction team leader if we feel you are breaking the server rules. As a faction team leader, you must NOT claim, build bases, grief, attack and/or raid near OR in any land claimed by towns. This applies to ALL players as well. If at anytime you are confused, you can contact the staff team through discord or through the server chat. Leaders are allowed to battle, claim, greif and/or raid other teams bases. Targeting innocent players is not acceptable. Leaders are encouraged to persuade new players to join their team. Remember: switching teams is NOT allowed. You will NOT get any special privileges from the staff team.




You must have played on the server for more than 12 hours. To check the amount of time that you have played, type /ar times in chat.

You must be on discord! Click here to join:

Please note: Punishment records that indicate bypassing the swear filter, targeting and upsetting players, and rule breaking may lower your chance to be selected for this position.


What we are looking for:

Active players that are respectful towards each other and are able to handle defeat maturely.

Positive players that understand how important it is to not to take PVP/griefing too far. 

Players that include everyone in their team fairly. 


How to format your appeal:

You MUST include the following:


What rank are you in the Towny Realm?


What faction/team are you currently in?


What do you think makes a good team leader?


How would you react if your team base was raided and griefed?


Please give us some additional information about yourself. Use complete sentences and be specific.


Vortex: KatieGamingSG
Optic: Sagofen
Nova: RedFire__

Application Open 15th-22nd

15 May 2017, 11:02 9 | 46
Hello Village Crafters,

Over the next few days/weeks I will begin to introduce a new Premium Rank. The name is not yet confirmed.

This rank will be a replacement to the current Legend rank. This does NOT mean you you will lose your rank! That would be criminal! 

Legend, Elite and Guardian will no longer be available in the future. I have not given a date yet until I know the next ranks are working to a good standard. 

The Elite/Guardian replacements ranks will be released later, but the Legend replacement will be coming in the coming days/weeks.

You Premium Rank will not be removed. No need to worry!! It just means we won't be selling Legend, Elite and Guardian rank with its permissions anymore. We will allow you to upgrade your rank to the new corresponding rank when available. This will be optional to you.



Why are we doing this?

I personally want to introduce a new ranking structure that keeps gameplay balanced for both free and players that want to support the server.

What is going to happen?

Commands that are game changing will not be available to premium ranks. We are sticking to cosmetic/fun commands that Mojang wants to enforce to all online servers.

Why is this happening now?

It takes time to develop new ranks and plan for what fun abilities are given.  Especially when updates are released every 5 minutes! I want VCN to be equal for all! I understand that everyone can't support the server. For the players that love VCN and can upgrade to a Premium rank to show their love and support, they will be rewarded with fun cosmetic powers.

It's not fair as Legend, Elite and Guardians will still have more power!

This is a question I have been struggling to find a solution for. It would be criminal to take away people's current Premium Ranks. They will have the option to upgrade to their corresponding rank. It will be down to them if they want to upgrade. If their power is used against other players incorrectly then punishment commands will be used. For example a Grief in a player town with creative mode they could be banned or temporarily banned. 

If you have further questions feel free to talk to me!


NEW Pet Plugin!

No more "Head Pets" Legends can now use a brand new pet plugin like we used to have before 1.11!

Just type /pet or use your Vortex Manipulator! 

Please note: Depending on areas on the map where mob spawning is off pets may not appear. Pets will not show in spawn, but towns will be fine.

10 May 2017, 14:05 0 | 2
Hello Village Crafters!

Big thank you to Razzy and Birchly or organising an easter event! 

For Easter @Birchly is hosting an Easter event for everyone! There are easter baskets placed all over the map with keys to our special easter crates! You can get to the easter crates by doing ./warp eastercrates ! There will also be other activities like pvp battles that can get you keys to the easter egg crates! if you have any questions or concerns about anything please message @Birchly . Have a wonderful Easter everyone! :rabbit: :kissing_heart:

You can contact the Staff on Discord:

Also we have a 30% sale on all shop items!! Ends 19th Wednesday 2017!


16 Apr 2017, 11:47 0 | 1